O.I. Karpenko, Ol'ga Pavlovskaya

Targeted Social Aid: History, Modernity, Perspectives

2018. No. 1. P. 78–91 [issue contents]
Targeted social support as a kind of state social assistance represents an academic andpractical interest, especially in terms of addressing Russian and foreign experience. Theinterest is determined on the one hand by the recent changes in legal regulation as tothe large scale social assistance to low-income citizens, on the other hand, a seriousneed to intensify tackling poverty. Unstable material condition of citizens and limitedstate funds make the state create new opportunities to modernize the current systemof rendering social assistance to low-income citizens which are regarded as poor inRussia. In the modern conditions, determining the level of poverty which is formallyconsidered as a ground to get a social support is a relevant but not sufficient elementof targeted social assistance and does not reflect the principle of addressed allowance.This type of assistance is available for a wide range of people, which does not strengthenthe mechanism of tackling poverty and efficient distribution of material resources.In this regard, the authors express the opinion on the necessity to apply the foreignexperience to determine the approaches in terms of providing social assistance to thepoor. The research arrives at the conclusion that the current Russian practice of renderingtargeted social support to the poor, which is based on the principles of social contract,is far from being perfect due to two interrelated causes. First, there is a necessity toassess objectively the number of the potential participants of the targeted aid programparticipants with who social contracts are to be made. Secondly, the social contract asa form of providing targeted social support is still not absolutely available in terms ofthe availability of information. The authors argue that an important step in solving this problem will be a single register of the recipients of the measures of social support toidentify, inform and register the most needy citizens.
Citation: Karpenko O., Pavlovskaya O. (2018) Adresnaya sotsial'naya pomoshch': istoriya, sovremennost', perspektivy [Targeted Social Aid: History, Modernity, Perspectives]. Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshey shkoly ekonomiki, no 1, pp. 78-91 (in Russian)
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