Viktor Sal'nikov, Valentina Bol'shakova, Sergey Zakhartsev

The Institutionalization of Military Law as a Branch of Law in Post-non Classical Scientific Rationality (review of the monograph «Military Law»)

2023. No. 1. P. 251–261 [issue contents]
A review of the monograph «Military Law» in three volumes, and a brief overview of already published reviews and reviews of it in academic publications are presented here. Military law is a unique area of research and a specific phenomenon in the structure of social and humanitarian knowledge. The dynamic variability of society, crises and leaps in social stability clearly reveal the undoubted research interest in such branches of law. Three-volume of monograph under review are written by legal scholars and practitioners with extensive experience in military legal research and the application of military legal norms, including in the context of internal and international armed conflicts. So far in domestic legal science there have not been such extensive theoretical studies that would be devoted to military law. The appearance of commented monograph fills that gap. The book under consideration was written with an academic scope and the theoretical breadth of the issues resolved in it. The authors formulated, substantiated and conceptualized an approach to military law as a separate branch of law. The results of the author’s collective research, which together can be assessed as a fundamental achievement and a platform for understanding military law as a military and legal science at the present stage of social and humanitarian knowledge. Since the monograph under consideration, in its subject matter, content and structure, is made at the junction of several areas of knowledge, the heuristic value is that it opens up a wide field for their further systematization, the implementation of multidirectional theoretical generalizations of military legal information and empirical studies of the attitude to military legislation of various social subjects and the military personnel themselves.
Citation: Salnikov V.P., Bolshakova V.M., Zakhartsev S.I. (2023) Institutionalization of military law as a branch of law in post-non-classical scientific rationality (a review of the monograph «Military Law»). Law. Journal of the Higher School of Economics, vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 251–261 (in Russ.). DOI:10.17323/2072-8166.2023.1.251.261.
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