A.E. Serafimovich, A.Yu. Prosekov

Food Security: International legal Aspectsand Russian Law Enforcement Practice

2018. No. 4. P. 235–253 [issue contents]
A special role of FAO in forming the system of international food security as a basis for lawenforcement practice in this area was noted. The problem of the correlation of internationallegal norms in the field of ensuring food security, including a list of basic internationalstandards regulating the quality and safety of products in food, processing industry, tradeand public catering enterprises and national law enforcement practice, is disclosed. Theconclusion is drawn that there is a feedback between national and international legislation:national regulations and standards are re-sealed by other participants of internationalorganizations and acquire international legal significance. The main issues related to theparticipation of the Russian Federation in ensuring the global food security problem areconsidered. The conclusion is formulated that, as a member of ISO and FAO, Russia takesan active part in the project on the development of standards and legislation in the field offood quality and safety in order to ensure harmonization of the latter with international andEuropean requirements, leading to significant changes in the procedure for standardizationof food. It is argued Russia’s accession to the WTO contributed to the optimization of theorder of the domestic regulation of sanitary and phytosanitary standards: their adaptationto WTO requirements is considered by authors as a reflection of the general trend in thereception of the norms of international law in this field. In conclusion attention is drawn tothe preservation of a gap in the field of ensuring international food security: the lack of aunified methodology for risk assessment, selection and research of samples of guarantedproducts, ensuring the quality and safety of food in the catering industry, and generalrules of control and supervision. The conclusion is drawn preservation of global issue offood security necessitates the development of international legal norms aimed at creatingright of food security as a separate sub-institution of international humanitarian law.
Citation: Serafimovich A., Prosekov A. (2018) Prodovol'stvennaya bezopasnost': mezhdunarodno-pravovye aspekty i rossiyskaya pravoprimenitel'naya praktika [Food Security: International legal Aspectsand Russian Law Enforcement Practice]. Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshey shkoly ekonomiki, no 4, pp. 235-253 (in Russian)
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