Agnessa Inshakova, A.I. Goncharov

Securities as a Subject of Financial and Economic Interest and Object of Civil Law Relations

2017. No. 4. P. 97–110 [issue contents]
Most securities provide effective opportunities for investing money capital in order to increase it,at the same time, they are the legal priority of investments. On the one hand, issuing securities,organizations attract funds for the development of their entrepreneurial activities. On the other hand,for purchasers, securities, above all, a way of generating income, usually without active participation,without difficulty in the organization itself. Attraction of securities (capital) and investments of capital(citizenship of securities) are joined by civil-legal, financial and economic relations that regulatethe issue of securities. The carriers of these conditions are the securities themselves. This is theircorrectness, if the securities are on all the time before the end of the period of use to get rid of it.However, the main value of securities is that they are investors who can participate in special, moreactive and diversified relationships and transactions that are based on the conditions and contentof securities. If the movement of bank credit capital, the credit and credit organization will be one oranother amount of money capital, then the relationship of the investor and the organization issuingsecurities are built on the securities themselves. For each security there is capital, namely, moneyinvested in productive, useful purposes, working within the framework of some entrepreneurial orsocially useful activity. By selling a security, the previous owner thereby gives access to securities totake his place as an investor in this financial and economic sense. Leaving his place as an investor,the seller of a security «Quality», it is invariably guaranteed by the issuer that issued the security. Inthis article, the authors examine the securities taking into account their ability to simultaneously actin the trade aspect of the financial and economic interest and the object of civil law relations.
Citation: Inshakova A., Goncharov A. (2017) Tsennye bumagi kak predmet finansovo-ekonomicheskogo interesa i ob"ekt grazhdansko-pravovykh otnosheniy [Securities as a Subject of Financial and Economic Interest and Object of Civil Law Relations]. Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshey shkoly ekonomiki, no 4, pp. 97-110 (in Russian)
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