O. Busarova, Y. Stieranka

Characteristics of Evidencing and Investigating Money-Laundering in Slovak Republic

2017. No. 1. P. 144–165 [issue contents]
The study aims at selected problems and specifics appearing in the field of revealing and presentingevidence regarding, and conducting investigation of, the crime of money-laundering. The knowledge providedin the study is based on the conclusions which were received at academic research project “TheDevelopment of New Methods Implemented in the Area of Seizing the Proceeds of Crime and CombatingMoney-Laundering” (VD 20072010819) run at the Police Academy of the Czech Republic. The presentedstudy deals, in a shortened form, with forensic characteristics of money-laundering and specifics of theprocess of evidencing and investigating the criminal activity. It focuses especially on the forensic featuresof money-laundering, situations arising in the course of evidencing, specialties of the object of investigation,and typical forensic traces of the criminal activity. The characteristic features of money-launderingare character and form of profits from predicative crime, methods of money-laundering, subject of crimeand motive. The process of money-laundering have three stages for transferring them to legal sector,there are: investment, separation and integration of profits from criminal activities. The main accent isgiven on detailed consideration of methods of money-laundering which are based on the practical informationcollected so far. For classification traces of money-laundering is necessary oriented on the threebasic components: character of predicative crime, form of criminal profits and subject, through are legalized.In article in a short form are described the features of investigation of money-laundering, the actsas concealment of traces, concealment of a source of an origin of the income, change of their type, legalizationprocess control. To basics for initiation of legal proceedings belongs information from the specialpersons, who know or must know about operations of money-laundering due to professional duties, andmust to report about that to law enforcement agencies. There are described the standard investigativesituations, investigative versions, including the organization and planning of investigation.
Citation: Busarova O., Stieranka Y. (2017) Spetsifika dokazyvaniya i rassledovaniya legalizatsii dokhodov, poluchennykh prestupnym putem, v Slovatskoy Respublike [Characteristics of Evidencing and Investigating Money-Laundering in Slovak Republic]. Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshey shkoly ekonomiki, no 1, pp. 144-165 (in Russian)
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