M. Glushkov

Documenting Police Investigation in the USA

2016. No. 2. P. 212–222 [issue contents]
The article features pre-trial proceedings in criminal cases in the USA. The proceedings are regulatedby case precedents, norms and state legislations. Technically, the activity represents a combination of the procedures which are usually referred to investigative, special investigative and administrative procedures in the Russia. However, the documents do not provide for any single rules for investigatory proceedings. Hence, they are not subject to uniform documentation. As to documenting investigative proceedings, law enforcement officials are guided by the orders and instructions of police departmentswhich are accurate in regulating the activity of their staff. Besides, there are different instructions prepared for the employees by law enforcement agencies, i.e. US Department of Justice and National Institute of Justice, National Center of Criminalist Technologies. Overall, the requirements of the guidelines are consistent with the requirements of police orders. Conventional ways of recording are notesand reports. They may be compiled arbitrarily or on forms. In addition to these recording means, photoand videotaping, drawing schedules and schemes are used. All the means of recording are equal and deem to be an integral part of cover fixation of investigative procedures. They are applied without overlapping as each possesses its advantages and disadvantages. In particular, recording does not always provide visibility of description, photo recording is a better option though requires additional explanations.Videoing records the crime spot in motion but is irrelevant for subsequent criminal research unlike photographs. A typical of Russian investigation minutes as a single document presenting the results of investigation is unknown to US law enforcement officials.
Citation: Glushkov M. (2016) Dokumentirovanie politseyskogo rassledovaniya v SShA [Documenting Police Investigation in the USA]. Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshey shkoly ekonomiki, no 2, pp. 212-222 (in Russian)
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