Arshak Aleksanian

Structure of Concepts National and International Security: Commonalities and Differences

2012. No. 4. P. 126–133 [issue contents]

Alexanyan Arshak - Postgraduate Student, Department of International Law, Faculty of Law,National Research University Higher School of Economics.  E-mail: arshak2006@mail.ru
Address: National Research University — Higher School of Economics, 20, Myasnitskaya str., Moscow, 101000, Russian Federation.

This paper has become a result of the research of concepts international security and national security of a state. The problems of international security remain very topical. The paper analyzes and reveals the structure of such concepts as international security and national security, their commonalities and differences. In particular, the aims of national security are a set of tasks based on the integrity and reliability of a state. International security may be defined as a special condition of interstate relations when all states irrespective of their economic or military power, political or social system, state regime, size and territorial situation implement their sovereignty and equality by finding a balance between national and universal interests following the principles and common norms of international law. The author analyzes the UN Charter, General Assembly and Security Council Resolutions, decisions of UN International Court, documents of international organizations, multi- and bilateral treaties between states, international law doctrine and research of legal academics. Having compared the features of international and national security, the author makes a conclusion that these phenomena of social life differ though interconnected. The author examines the problem of comparison, balance and complementarity of these concepts.

Citation: Aleksanian Arshak Arturovich (2012) Struktura poniatii natcional'noi i mezhdunarodnoi bezopasnosti: obshchie cherty i razlichie [Structure of Concepts National and International Security: Commonalities and Differences] Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshei shkoly ekonomiki, 4, pp. 126-133 (in Russian)
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