Svetlana Vasileva

V.A. Kryazhkov. Russian North Indigenous Minorities in Russian Law. M.: Norma, 2010.

2011. No. 1. P. 140–145 [issue contents]
The publication is a review of the book by professor Vladimir Kryazhkov Russian North Indigenous Minorities in Russian Law. The work is a fruit of field studies done by the author. The reviewer argues that the status and role of these peoples of the Russian Federation are usually ignored in the constitutional law literature primarily in the text-books in constitutional law so this work may be considered as the one filling up the gap in legal science. Having studied the advantages of the work, it has been noticed that the material has been structured in four major directions. They are: legal regulation of joining Siberian territories as part of Russia, 2) Soviet state and legal practice as to the above-mentioned peoples (the book characterizes it as a state paternalism), 3) norms of international law ratified and not ratified by the RF. The book analyzes the conflicts of law between the bodies of federal, regional and local authorities emerging due to the regulation of the condition of indigenous minorities of the Russian north. The process is described as the centralization of the regulation, protection of rights of the peoples by court and extrajudicial order on the basis of common law. The book notes the disagreement between the norms of federal law and those of two codes Civil and Land. The review assesses positively the author’s opinion on the social responsibility of business developing where the peoples live. The disadvantage of the monograph is seen in the ambiguity of the definition of national minorities.
Citation: Vasileva Svetlana Viktorovna (2011) V.A.Kriazhkov. Korennye malochislennye narody Severa v rossiiskom prave. — M.: Norma,2010. [V.A. Kryazhkov. Russian North Indigenous Minorities in Russian Law. M.: Norma, 2010.] Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshei shkoly ekonomiki, 1, pp. 140-145 (in Russian)
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