Sergey Danilov

Social and Economic Efficiency of Public Law Institutions:Case of Public Corporations Abroad

2011. No. 1. P. 120–127 [issue contents]

Danilov Sergey - Professor, Department of Constitutional and Municipal Law, National Research University Higher School of Economics. Doctor of Juridical Sciences. E-mail: sdanliov@hse.ru
Address: National Research University — Higher School of Economics, 20, Myasnitskaya str., Moscow, 101000, Russian Federation.

The article studies a number of interdependent issues involving public law economic sciences. One of them is a combination of economic and social efficiency of public law institutions. The article shows that almost every state in the international community suffers from economic difficulties (cyclic, regional, branch-related) and social tension (unemployment, inflation). The whole world experiences another challenge of growing diversity in society and the variety of legal norms. It is considered that the states with the uneven level of political and legal culture as well as the social culture in general are in relatively similar conditions. In this regard, the author studies the sources of legal regulation of the institution of state corporations, ways of establishing them, competencies, priorities and the results of their activity. The article notes that the states with a settled constitutional democracy regime, Canada, US, UK, Norway etc, see the major but not mandatory priority in the economic efficiency of state corporations and the instrument is seen in the strict selection of personnel, which is usually beneficial and inevitably is rewarded with a high social efficiency. Trust and positive attitude to public law institutions contribute significantly to maintaining social and political stability. On the other hand, young democracies such as Algeria, Venezuela, Mexico, Tanzania tend to prioritize social and political efficiency of the institutions, which does not live up to the expectations and besides gives an extremely low economic result. The author reveals and stresses the interdependence of economic and social efficiency of this public law institution from such factors as reputation of principal managers, checks and balances of in the management combined with the responsibility for the inaction of officials. The author develops through the whole article the idea that this interdependence is inevitable.

Citation: Danilov Yulievich Sergey (2011) Sotcial'no-ekonomicheskaia effektivnost' publichno-pravovykh institutov na primere gosudarstvennykh korporatcii: opyt zarubezhnykh stran [Social and Economic Efficiency of Public Law Institutions:Case of Public Corporations Abroad] Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshei shkoly ekonomiki, 1, pp. 120-127 (in Russian)
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