M. Sumina

Legal Capacity of Autonomous Institutions

2010. No. 1. P. 35–47 [issue contents]

Legal capacity of organizations involved in civil turnover is one of the most complicated issues in Russian law and is a controversial subject in legal literature and judicial practice. Changes in the Russian legislation and creation of new types of judicial persons contribute to a more fruitful analysis of this area as it is relevant to improve the Russian legislation. The article contains analysis of autonomous institutions’ legal architecture and its potential application in accordance with the Federal law on Autonomous Institutions and French legislation.

Citation: Sumina M. N. (2010) Problemy pravosposobnosti avtonomnykh uchrezhdeniy [Legal Capacity of Autonomous Institutions] Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshey shkoly ekonomiki, 1, pp. 35-47 (in Russian)
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