Natalia Zakalyuzhnaya

A New Concept of Employment and the Development of Labor Relations in the Digital Age

2023. No. 2. P. 139–164 [issue contents]
In modern geopolitical and economic realities the role of labor law and its functionality are radically changing. More over the relations are formed that are built according to the certain rules but there may be no legal regulation; among them are: atypical employment including attracted labor, gig employment, self-employment, spot employment, etc. At the same time, the role of integration associations in the field of labor and transnational corporations is changing. In addition, digitalization in labor law is reaching a qualitatively new level today. Therefore the article offers current research directions of these and other relations within the framework of new challenges for labor law in the digital age. In December 2022 the State Duma held a meeting of the working group on the draft of new Federal Law “On Employment in the Russian Federation”. However, the draft raised a lot of questions and was completely revised. But while the draft has not passed yet into the status of a law, additional changes and clarifications are possible, which makes the proposed topic even more relevant. Therefore, an important vector of today is the need to develop a concept of a new type of employment and improvement of legislation on employment of the population. In addition, robotization in the field of labor relations is reflected not only in the positive use of industrial robots capable of performing the same type of repetitive tasks with great efficiency, but also carries various kinds of risks. Employment of the population is also threatened by increasing use of artificial intelligence. Digitalization in the field of labor relations logically entails atypical forms of using already classical institutions, for example, new opportunities are opening up in the application of the institute of social partnership, namely, in the activities of sector trade unions in the aspect of regulating collective labor relations, which will also be discussed in this paper. Also, in the research are analyzed legislative changes concerning electronic interaction between an employee and an employer within the framework of performing remote work.
Citation: Zakalyuzhnaya N. (2023) Novaya kontseptsiya zanyatosti i razvitie trudovykh otnosheniy v tsifrovuyu epokhu [A New Concept of Employment and the Development of Labor Relations in the Digital Age]. Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshey shkoly ekonomiki, no 2, pp. 139-164 (in Russian)
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