V.E. Krukovskiy, I.N. Mosechkin

Legal Issues of Counteractions to Encouraging Murders and Suicides

2018. No. 4. P. 196–215 [issue contents]
The article is devoted to researching criminal legal problems of regulation of responsibilityfor declining and assisting in committing suicides as well as for organizing activities relatedto the propaganda of murders and suicides. New articles of the Criminal Code need inimprovement. Besides, outside the legal framework there remains the organization ofactivities aimed at encouraging the commission of the murder. The urgency of the issuesis due to the fact that, according to statistical information and research, the number ofsuicides remains at a high level, and qualitative indicators changing towards increasingthe number of victims among minors. The number of “motiveless” acts of aggression isgrowing, including at social infrastructure facilities provoked not without the participationof communities of social networks and channels of messengers of violent subjects. Forthe purpose of the study, the authors focused on the development of recommendationsfor improving criminal legislation taking into account the recent changes made to it in thefight against inducement and the promotion of suicide, as well as the great role of socialnetworks and messengers in people’s lives. During the research, the methodologicalbasis was the dialectical method of cognition because it allowed evaluating the subjectof research in connection with the norms of criminal law and social phenomena. Suchscholar methods, as comparative legal, normative dogmatic method and content analysiswere applied with the help of which it became possible to analyze social phenomena inthe context of their legal regulation. The article analyzes the provisions of criminal lawdoctrine regarding the problems of countering the external influence on committingsuicide and murder. The study of forensic investigation allowed us to identify modernqualitative changes of such influence. In the course of the study, the authors concludedthat it is possible to combine articles 110 and 110.1 of the Criminal Code of the RussianFederation because they contain significant similarities, and the perpetrator in the courseof their execution tends to the same result. The authors also proposed a version of theexpanded version of article 110.2 of the Criminal Code, covering the organization ofactivities aimed at encouraging not only suicide, but also murders.
Citation: Krukovskiy V., Mosechkin I. (2018) Ugolovno-pravovye problemy protivodeystviya deyatel'nosti, napravlennoy na pobuzhdenie k soversheniyu ubiystv i samoubiystv [Legal Issues of Counteractions to Encouraging Murders and Suicides]. Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshey shkoly ekonomiki, no 4, pp. 196-215 (in Russian)
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