A.A. Kashirkina, A.N. Morozov

European Experience of Promoting Humanitarian Values for Developing Eurasian Integration: Future Guidelines

2018. No. 2. P. 149–169 [issue contents]
The paper is devoted to the theoretical issues of developing and promoting Eurasianintegration on the basis of humanistic values formed under the auspices of the Councilof Europe and the European Union. The research focuses on the activity of the Council ofEurope Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission) from the point ofview of the theoretical and international legal analysis of its law enforcement activities inorder to implement the promotion of European humanistic values. The aim of the articleis to analyze the approaches developed within the Council of Europe and the EuropeanUnion in promoting humanistic values and the opportunity of using it for the developmentof integration within the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union. Among the scholarmethods used in the article are: dialectical method, philosophical method, formal logicalmethod, system-structural method, historical method, formal-legal method, method ofinterpreting law, comparative legal method, method of expert evaluation, method of legalmodeling and forecasting. When applying the general methods of cognition mentionedabove, structuring, description, content analysis, synthesis of the results of work wereused as research techniques too. Based on the analysis the article draws the conclusionsabout the necessity in further development of the law of the Eurasian Economic Unionnot only as an exclusively economic integration association, but with the addition of newimportant spheres of international legal cooperation of member states to the competenceof the Union through international legal channels. In this regard, the analysis of legalregulation in the European Union, as well as the Council of Europe, suggests that thescope of international legal regulation of the Eurasian Economic Union can include theissues of human rights protection, the expansion of judicial cooperation, the developmentof a joint anti-corruption policy on the basis of a relevant international document, theregulation of the interaction of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union on theprevention and elimination of emergency situations of natural and man-induced disasterson the basis of a special international agreement, the creation of a united ecological andenvironmental policy.
Citation: Kashirkina A., Morozov A. (2018) Evropeyskiy opyt prodvizheniya gumanitarnykh tsennostey dlya razvitiya evraziyskoy integratsii: budushchie orientiry [European Experience of Promoting Humanitarian Values for Developing Eurasian Integration: Future Guidelines]. Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshey shkoly ekonomiki, no 2, pp. 149-169 (in Russian)
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