Yu. Tikhomirov

Legal Space: Balance and Deviations

2017. No. 4. P. 4–17 [issue contents]
There are major changes in modern systems and methods of legal regulation across the world. Thelaw does not lose its role and becomes an even more powerful mechanism for regulating and shapingnew states in society and the state. This is due largely to the use of the concept of “legal space”, which allows reflecting the processes of globalization and strengthening of the sovereignty of states. Withits help, there is possibility to analyze new areas of legal regulation through various legal regulatorsand maintain the stability and flexibility of legal boundaries. The article deals with the types of legalspaces (economic, informational, etc.) and arising disputes for the different countries. There is theprocess of multi-vector development of law, when instead of one-dimensional development, there isthe influence of such vectors as the mobile sphere and the scope of legal regulation, multi-layered,influence of institutionalization and technization, gaps between law-making and law enforcement.In the focus of multidimensionality there are the initial correlations between national internationalacts, localization and self-regulation. The normative flow is followed by the chaotic legal phenomenadestroying legal space. It causes to look for ways of mutual influence of national and international lawand order, to find resistance to violence and to strengthen alignment mechanisms. National regime isa component of international regime due to common values, shared solutions of global challenges,balance of different interests, stable functioning of institutions, peaceful resolution of disputes andconflicts. The world order and the basis of contemporary law are formed in difficult conditions ofcooperation and confrontation of various social forces.
Citation: Tikhomirov Y. (2017) Pravovoe prostranstvo: ravnovesie i otkloneniya [Legal Space: Balance and Deviations]. Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshey shkoly ekonomiki, no 4, pp. 4-17 (in Russian)
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