Alexander Shatalov1
  • 1 National Research University Higher School of Economics, 20 Myasnitskaya Str., Moscow, 101000, Russian Federation

Algorithmization and Programming of Investigationin the Criminalistics Methodology

2017. No. 2. P. 155–172 [issue contents]
The paper examines the issues of the increase in the efficiency of methodologies of investigation ofcrimes, separate kinds and groups. Having generalized the points of view of criminal law experts, theauthor aims to prove that developed within the framework of criminalistics methodology, as division ofcriminalistics scientific positions and practical recommendations, while does not have all necessary forthe real application to protect rights and legal interests of victims from crimes, and personality, fromillegal prosecution, conviction, limitation of her rights and freedoms. It is considered that research positionsand practical recommendations must contain typical arguments for the acceptance of intermediateand final decisions on criminal cases, by submitting constantly executable complex of criminalisticsalgorithms and programs, from that optimal technology of pre-trial and judicial production will be formedin one or another criminal case. With their help, the development of the universal criminalistics recommendationsof new generation, specially intended for a management by inquisitional situations arisingat the investigation of crimes, must come true. They are suggested to be the object of permanentinterest of investigators, public prosecutors, lawyers, judges and obligatory constituent of set of professionalcompetences of lawyer. Along with individual features, their professional activity carries generalpersonal touches. Doing their work, they perform the same tasks practically, accomplish the sameactions, having, as a rule, complex character, and certain likeness. Consequently, based on study ofconformities to law of their practical activity and generalization of advanced experience, it is possible todistinguish the optimal sequence of executions of these subjects in typical inquisitional situations, withthat to expound it for the further use as criminalistics algorithms and programs of investigation.
Citation: Shatalov A. (2017) Algoritmizatsiya i programmirovanie rassledovaniya prestupleniy v sisteme kriminalisticheskoy metodiki [Algorithmization and Programming of Investigationin the Criminalistics Methodology]. Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshey shkoly ekonomiki, no 2, pp. 155-172 (in Russian)
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