I.F. Amel'chakov

Conception of Administrative and Legal Status of Police Forces in Modern Russia

2017. No. 2. P. 130–141 [issue contents]
The key role in ensuring the national security is given to police forces are responsible to accomplisha wide range of tasks. However, the growth of workload under conditions of complicated criminalenvironment generates challenges in the work of Russian police, which stipulates the necessity of theirstructural and functional enhancement. A group of experts from Internal Affairs Ministry has developedproposals for further reforming police agencies aiming to make the Russian Police Force a nationalinstitution supported by the community and is able to appropriately react to the threats and challengesof the 21st century. This process requires time and coordinated efforts not only from the Ministry, butalso from other state and public institutions. A special role in solving this problem is given to the effortsof the national research community mainly the academics majoring in Administrative Law, as far as theirtheoretical findings are grounded on quality values and efficiency of structural and legal framework ofcontemporary model of the national police. The essential problems of place and role definition of thepolice in the framework of a modern state are presented in this article through the investigation intothe process of their foundation and development; some aspects of their structural model as well aslegal provisions are also taken into consideration. A thorough examination of these problems within thenation-wide reform of public administration as well as the further renovation of the national police forcesin the Russia are especially relevant. The comprehensive analysis of the main stages of the problemmentioned was held; the historical period grading in the development of Russian police has beenrepresented as a vital concern for the theory and practices of the modern police in Russia. The authoralso brings his vision of the Police Law role within the national science of the Administrative Law. Asummary on the necessity for further research in the area of administrative and legal status of the policethat can be resulted in increased efficiency of the national security of this state has been presented.
Citation: Amel'chakov I. (2017) Kontseptsiya administrativno-pravovogo statusa politsii v sovremennoy Rossii [Conception of Administrative and Legal Status of Police Forces in Modern Russia]. Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshey shkoly ekonomiki, no 2, pp. 130-141 (in Russian)
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