Ol'ga Pavlovskaya

On Employment Relations as Part of Russian Labour Law

2017. No. 1. P. 69–79 [issue contents]
An integral right of a person in the sphere of employment is the right to the choice of job. The right isimplemented by direct communication with the employer or by the assistance of employment agenciesor other similar bodies. Prior to the modern Russian Federation Labour Code, the former Code (KZoT)contained a special chapter Employment and Placement. The current Labour Code does not have thischapter. Legal, economic and organizational conditions of employment are determined by the currentlegislative acts, in particular by RSFSR Law On Employment of Population in the Russian Federationdated April 19, 1991. It contains the rules determining the rights of citizens in employment; legal statusof an unemployed person, powers and functions of federal and regional bodies; additional guaranteesof employment for certain categories of citizens experiencing difficulties with employment. In this regard,academic community arranged a wide discussion which focused on the employment in a particulararea. The interest to the discussion on the issue remains permanent in labour law. Hence the paperis devoted to the issue. The paper scrutinizes the legal nature of relations emerging under employment,the opinions of Russian researchers on this issue. The author’s contribution may be represented by thethesis that it is irrelevant to consider any of the current approaches to the legal nature of employmentrelations as a priority. The application of the idea was the core of the author’s research.
Citation: Pavlovskaya O. (2017) O meste otnosheniy po trudoustroystvu v predmete rossiyskogo trudovogo prava [On Employment Relations as Part of Russian Labour Law]. Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshey shkoly ekonomiki, no 1, pp. 69-79 (in Russian)
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