Sony Reeta , Krishna Deva Rao Sri , Prasad Devi, Deep Sai

Solving e-Governance Challenges in India through the Incremental Adoption of Cloud Services

2015. No. 1. P. 169–182 [issue contents]
The adoption and benefits of cloud computing services in various government ministry/department projects can help support the government’s decision-making processes in relation to a wide variety of issues by providing a more effective integrated working environment. Internally, it improves the operational efficiency of the government and, externally, it provides effective services to citizens anywhere at anytime. Its dynamic nature can maintain uniformity of services across the nation by providing better services in all e-governance projects. It allows people to access data and computer resources, and, in this digital economy, data is considered a nation’s asset and fuel for the economy. Being one of the marvels of “Gandhi engineering”, cloud computing can instantly collect and transmit data from multiple sources, from various sectors and various domains, including socio-economic aspects, health, sanitation, etc. The government or policy maker can convert this data into information and knowledge which can drive the government to make qualitative decisions and take action.
Citation: Reeta Sony A.L., Sri Krishna Deva Rao, Devi Prasad Bhukua, Sai Deep B. (2015) Solving e-Governance Challenges in India through Incremental Adoption of Cloud Service. Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshey shkoly ekonomiki, no.1, pp. 169–182 (in English)
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