V.M. Erokhin

Criteria and Performance Indicatorsin Administrative Alcohol Market Regulation

2015. No. 1. P. 115–125 [issue contents]
The necessity of establishing benchmarks and performance indicators in administrative and legalregulation of the alcohol market. Based on the study of different approaches to determine theeffectiveness of the legal regulation, the author concludes that the decisive criterian for the effectivenessof the system of state regulation of production and turnover of alcohol products is to achieve thepurposes of this regulation, certain legislator, namely purposes such as the protection of morality,health, rights and lawful interests of citizens and the economic interests of the Russian Federation, the safety of alcoholic beverages consumer needs, as well as monitoring compliance with laws, rules andregulations in the regulated area. It is proposed to assess the efficiency of the administrative and legalregulation of the alcohol market by comparing precise quantitative indicators. The article highlightedeight such indicators: 1) the volume of sales of alcoholic beverages to the public; 2) deaths fromaccidental alcohol poisoning; 3) the number of inspections; 4) the number identified in the audits ofviolations and violators organizations; 5) the number of applications for cancellation of licenses sent tothe court; 6) the number of revoked; 7) rate of excise duty; 8) the amount of federal budget revenuesfrom excise taxes.Through the analysis of these indicators, the author assesses the extent to which the above objectives,the state regulation of the alcohol industry and comes to the conclusion that the positive results inthe field of the protection of life, health, rights and interests of the consumers of alcoholic beverages.However, the article cites the figures indicating a lack of effective control over the implementation of thelegislation in the regulated area. In addition, according to the author, excise policy in the alcohol marketdoes not provide the protection of the economic interests of the state and the needs of consumers ofalcoholic beverages.
Citation: Erokhin V.M. (2015) Criteria and Performance Indicators in Administrative Alcohol Market Regulation. Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshey shkoly ekonomiki, no. 1, pp. 115–125 (in Russian)
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