Mikhail Antonov

Portraits of Legal Scholars. G.D. Gurvitch: A Project of Sociologyof Law

2014. No. 4. P. 63–74 [issue contents]
The present article examines the majour achievements of an outstanding Russian-French philosopher,lawyer and sociologist Georges Gurvitch, as well as the principal ideas of his scientific conception. Theauthor focuses on the role Gurvitch played in the elaboration of the methodology for socio-legal studies,and the importance of this scientific project for contemporary sociological studies in law. The authordemonstrates the connecting link between the philosophical ideas of Gurvitch about law with the keytenets of Russian philosophy; on this basis the author concludes in favor of topicality of these ideas fromthe standpoint of the continued integration of Russian theoretical jurisprudence into the worldwide legal science. The main concepts and schemes of the sociology of law by Gurvitch are examined by the author,including the concepts of sociability and social law. These concepts are central to the legal conceptionof Gurvitch which sets out to overcome the shortages of the methodological individualism inherent tothe classical Western legal philosophy of Modernity with avoiding the extremities of communitarismwhich are typical for the legal philosophy of Antiquity and of the Oriental world-outlook. Anotherdirection of synthesis for Gurvitch was to reconcile the methodological principles of positivism and ofmetaphysics, which in the field of sociology are confronted as the positivistic methods of quantitativesociology and the abstract methods of social philosophy. Gurvitch sought to triumph over this conflictthrough postulating an ideal-realist method which allowed justification of integrative approach to law.
Citation: Antonov M. Portraits of Legal Scholars. G.D. Gurvitch: A Project of Sociology of Law. Pravo.Zhurnal Vysshey sholy ekonomiki, no 4, pp. 63–74
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