Ekaterina Petuhova1
  • 1 National Research University Higher School of Economics, 20 Myasnitskaya Str., Moscow, 101000, Russian Federation

National Heritage as a Constitutional Law Regime (a Case-Study of Natural Resources)

2014. No. 1. P. 80–92 [issue contents]
Petukhova Ekaterina - Postgraduate Student, Research Assistant, Department of Constitutional and Municiplal Law, Law Faculty, National Research University Higher School of Economics. Address: 20 Myasnitskaya Str., Moscow, 101000, Russian Federation. E-mail: katerinp@yandex.ru.

The article is devoted to the necessity of formalizing the notion of national heritage as it has become frequent in the speeches of the people belonging to representative, executive and judicial bodies. The paper shows the approaches to the definition of the category of national heritage, analyzes the origin of the words heritage and national, describes the synonyms of the notion of national heritage and its modifications used in the federal legislation, e.g. "public heritage of the multinational people of Russia" or "components of national heritage). Despite the absence of the word heritage in RF Constitution, it is frequently used by federal and regional legislators. The paper shows the models of understanding the category of national heritage: common things for all, the Soviet model and a widespread use of the term in declarative documents. The article describes a comparison between national heritage and similar terms and legal categories such as national wealth, public domain, public property, ownership, state property. The article describes cases and manners of use of the term national heritage in the regulations. National Resource is analyzed as an interbranch legal category, which is a combination of some objects, and as a certain legal order of ownership, operation, other uses, protection of these objects. The article analyzes the legal content of the national heritage regime on the example of the natural resources. The article outlines the characteristics of the objects of national resource, the subjects of the national resource regime in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation. The article discusses the necessity of creating a universal legal regime of the national resource, which establishes common principles and directions of legal regulation. The article describes the legal regime of the certain types of objects of national treasure fixed in the legislation. The article outlines the peculiarities of national treasure regime, the peculiarities of management features, including the government management, of the objects of national resource in the Russian Federation and abroad.

Citation: Petuhova E. (2014) Natsional'noe dostoyanie kak raznovidnost' konstitutsionno-pravovogo rezhima (na primere prirodnykh resursov) [National Heritage as a Constitutional Law Regime (a Case-Study of Natural Resources)]. Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshey shkoly ekonomiki, no 1, pp. 80-92 (in Russian)
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