Aliya Maralbaeva

Developing Legislation System in Kyrgiz Republic during Transitional Period

2012. No. 2. P. 136–143 [issue contents]

Maralbaeva Aliya Shamsudinovna - postgraduate student,Department of Theory and History of State and Law,Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University. E-mail: aliya.m@inbox.ru
Address: Chui St., 42, bldg.7, 720065, Bishkek,KyrgyzRepublic

The article is devoted to the main stages, features and tendencies of the Kyrgyz Republic’s (KR) legislation system development. It analyzes KR’s constitutional acts, industry codes, legislative acts, international law acts. It reveals the key problems of KR’s legislation of the transitional period. For this purpose, fundamental works of legal scholars on the transitional period law have been examined; the influence of Kyrgyz common law norms on modern Kyrgyz Republic’s legislation system has been researched; and some practical problems of the legislation system development have been examined and some solutions have been suggested. One of the objectives of the article is to study disadvantages of differentiating branches of legislation. One of them includes the branches eponymous to the branches of law and the other complex branches of law involving the norms of various legal branches. Much attention has been focused on the emerging group of autonomous complex branches of law which include in the opinion of the author investment law and information law. The former relates to the sub-branches of all the three branches – international private law, foreign economic relations and capital development. However a more relevant laws on information belongs to one of sub-branches on culture under KR’s legal classification code. The criterion for this legal differentiation is considered unclear. Legal information data bases, have no state status and render paid services. The author concludes that KR does not have an access to legal information. However, as positive trends the article specifies systematization of national legislation, absorbing positive trends of international law,. The author pays attention to the connection between the development of the system of legislation and political transformation of the KR.

Citation: Maralbaeva Sh. A. (2012) Razvitie sistemy zakonodatel'stva Kyrgyzskoi Respubliki v usloviiakh perekhodnogo perioda [Developing Legislation System in Kyrgiz Republic during Transitional Period] Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshei shkoly ekonomiki, 2, pp. 136-143 (in Russian)
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