Rodion Belkovich

Is there a duty to obey the law?

2011. No. 4. P. 33–51 [issue contents]

The article focuses on the problem of a political obligation, which stands for the (con­troversial) duty of a person, located within the borders of a given state, to obey the legalcommands of that state’s authorities (commands that primarily take the form of written law). The article provides a survey and a critical analysis of the main theories of politicalobligation existing in the contemporary foreign legal doctrine.

Citation: Belkovich R. Yu. (2011) Sushchestvuet li obiazannost' podchiniat'sia zakonu [Is there a duty to obey the law?] Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshei shkoly ekonomiki, 4, pp. 33-51 (in Russian)
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