S Vasilieva

Legal Regulation of Lobbyism and other Means of Private Interests Promotion

2009. No. 2. P. 72–80 [issue contents]

The article investigates the limits of legal regulaton of lobbyism in a number of foreign countries (the USA, Canada, Lithuania, etc.). The lobbist activity submits not only to the rules of law, but also to the rules of ethical behaviour of officials, to the codes of a professional ethics of lobbyists. Lobbyism is connected with institutional conditions, vested in the system of functioning of authorities, and also depends on the state of development of other legal institutions — elections, activity of political parties, political pluralism, legislative process. The many-sided social and legal nature of lobbyism predetermines problems with its legal grounding and practical implementation.

Among limits of legal regulation of lobbyism one can mention the following: 1) it is impossibile to include into the law on lobbyism a lot of spheres of public relations; 2) the potential of noncommercial organizations is underestimated; 3) there are no obstacles for the international lobbyism; 4) it is impossible to resist to protectionism of authorities towards large national corporations, etc.

Citation: Vasilieva S. (2009) Pravovoe regulirovanie lobbizma i inye mekhanizmy prodvizheniya chastnykh interesov [Legal Regulation of Lobbyism and other Means of Private Interests Promotion]. Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshey shkoly ekonomiki, no 2, pp. 72-80 (in Russian)
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