N Bogdanova

Teaching Constitutional Law: In Search of Fundamental Education Pattern

2009. No. 1. P. 79–93 [issue contents]
Sufficient changes of the social system in Russia turned to be reasons for the reform in teaching constitutional law at the law faculties in Russian universities. The author argues that subjects of Russian and foreign constitutional law, still divided, must become integral parts of the single whole system of constitutional knowledge. The function of a uniting element of the two parts must be fulfilled by an academic course under the title «General part of Constitutional law» taught at the law faculty of Moscow State University since 1991.
Citation: Bogdanova N A (2009) Prepodavanie konstitutsionnogo prava: poisk modeli fundamental'nogo obrazovaniya [Teaching Constitutional Law: In Search of Fundamental Education Pattern] Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshey shkoly ekonomiki, 1, pp. 79-93 (in Russian)
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