Ljubov Prokudina

Legal Proceedings in the Arbitration Courts

2008. No. 2. P. 51–63 [issue contents]

The arbitration courts have become an important part of the Russian legal system. The question concerns the distinct features of the legal proceeding in these courts in comparison with traditional courts of civil jurisdiction. At present there are new tendencies which make the proceedings in the arbitration courts more professional. Such trends will permit to improve justice in the proceedings of regulating economic conflicts, to cut down the terms of legal review of cases. It is especially important for citizens’ activities in the economic sphere.

Citation: Prokudina Ljubov Arkadevna (2008) Sudoproizvodstvo v arbitrazhnykh sudakh: tendentsii k professionalizatsii [Legal Proceedings in the Arbitration Courts] Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshey shkoly ekonomiki, 2, pp. 51-63 (in Russian)
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