S. Sorokin

Specifics of the Prosecutor Office Supervisionover Implementation of Laws on Advertising in National Parks: Case Study of National Park Losiny Ostrov

2016. No. 1. P. 121–129 [issue contents]
The concept of the comprehensive system of international security is not reduced to the problems ofmilitary security and includes another economic and environmental trend of international law and order.Many scientists see the causes of environmental problems in economy. Hence, one issue is getting acute,i.e. of performing economic (advertising) activity on the territory of protected natural site. The specific ofthe paper is in the research of a non-standard balance of different concepts advertising and natural sitesunder special protection in context of prosecutor’s supervision. Advertising is information spread by anymeans, in any form by any means addressed to a wide range of public and aiming to attract attention tothe object of advertising, building up and maintaining interest to it and promotion on the market. Nationalpark is a territory where for protection purposes human activity is limited. Unlike natural reserves, wherethe activity of man is practically forbidden (hunting, tourism etc.), tourists and limited economic activity areadmitted on the territory of national parks. The results of supervision practice of the Interregional NatureProtection Prosecutor’s Office in the Moscow region have shown the concern of citizens and companieswith the issue of legality of advertising constructions on the territory of the National Park Losiny Ostrovbordering Moscow Automobile Ring Road. The subject matter of the prosecutor’s investigation was theinstallation and operation of advertising constructions. Detailed analysis of the current legislation on advertisingand nature sites under special protection provides grounds to conclude on the possibilities ofinstalling advertising constructions on the territory of nature parks in case of observing certain conditions.Installed advertising constructions may promote the idea of careful attitude to environment as the majorityof advertising constructions provide information on the National Park Losiny Ostrov. The conclusions ofthe paper are confirmed with the case practice of arbitration courts at various levels.
Citation: Sorokin S. (2016) Osobennosti prokurorskogo nadzora za ispolneniem zakonovo reklame v granitsakh natsional'nykh parkov (na primere Natsional'nogo parka «Losinyy ostrov») [Specifics of the Prosecutor Office Supervisionover Implementation of Laws on Advertising in National Parks: Case Study of National Park Losiny Ostrov]. Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshey shkoly ekonomiki, no 1, pp. 121-129 (in Russian)
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